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Pooling of cultural services in a digital environment


Premise of the project

In 2017, Culture pour tous brought together various cultural players and stakeholders to identify potential shared solutions and discuss funding issues for digital technology in culture. The objective in this initial exploratory activity was to identify funding needs and new funding practices to help cultural organizations go digital successfully. A tailored and innovative funding action plan was also proposed.

Based on the findings of the activity participants and on the wants and needs expressed, the creation of a resource pooling and sharing organization was identified as a potential priority solution. Capitalizing on this momentum, Culture pour tous invited partners to officially take part in the discussions and submitted the project to the Canada Council for the Arts, which resulted in the project’s implementation.

An open and collaborative approach

When participants met as a committee to discuss the concept of shared services, they had to identify what those were and define the form they would take. They undertook a series of activities that constitute the core of the initiative: ongoing and comprehensive strategic monitoring through field activities; advisory committees; and the setting up of a community of practice.

The project’s mission is to define and draw up an accurate profile of what resource pooling and sharing should be for the cultural community in a digital context.

A number of factors to ensure effective resource pooling and sharing were identified:

  • To avoid needless repetition, take into account what has been done or is in the course of being done;
  • Identify the actual needs of industry players;
  • Think “Canadian Francophonie”;
  • Make use of digital technology in the project as well as participants’ actual capabilities.

Some lessons learned emerged from the meetings and discovery sessions.

To facilitate understanding of data-sharing in a digital context, a number of resources have also been created and will soon be available to you on this website (explanatory infographics, video clips, blog posts and other items of information).

Be sure to check them out!