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Culture throughout the school!

Culture pour tous initiated the Hémisphères pilot project in collaboration with the Ministère de la Culture et des Communications in order to set up a network of elementary and secondary schools that explore various ways to integrate arts and culture in classroom activities, daycare services and extracurricular activities on a day-to-day basis using a multidisciplinary approach.

The network currently includes more than 20 schools in 11 Quebec regions. Collaboration between the schools and the Hémisphères management team as well as the input from researchers in various  faculties of education (UQAM, UQTR, UdeM, Université Laval) make it possible to combine the theoretical knowledge and practical knowledge of network members in order to explore new and innovative ways to integrate culture into their activities.

Why Hémisphères ? 

A hemisphere is one half of a whole. In the plural, the word embodies this whole.The network’s name refers to the Earth’s hemispheres or, by extension, the right and left sides of the brain. By definition complementary, they refer to the complementarity of the self and the we, of the rational and the emotional, of acquired knowledge and innate knowledge, of theory and practice, of culture and development, and so on.

The Hémisphères project comprises four components:

    Hémisphères develops students’ sensitivity and arouses their curiosity by increasing their exposure to numerous artistic and cultural experiences and forms of expression, from the past to the present, and within or outside Quebec.
    By fostering their creativity, students in Hémisphères schools develop different ways of thinking, which enable them to be innovative and imaginative and, in turn, enhance the culture. It also puts them in the position of creators. The skills they acquire help them come up with new ideas, reflect on various issues and be flexible in new situations.
    Pluralism helps students discover the world around them by making them aware of differences and similarities, ways of being and living, and various cultural perspectives and manifestations. Embracing pluralism initiates a dialogue to help students increase their understanding of the world.
    The community is an unlimited source of talent, resources and support. In this component, parents and community members (artists, organizations, retailers, seniors’ residences, etc.) are encouraged to participate in the school’s cultural life. In addition to helping them benefit from various types of know-how, expertise, facilities and infrastructure, the Community component promotes the development of feelings of belonging for all concerned, and values each individual’s role.

Be sure to read the project presentation document (in French) : Hémisphères – Présentation du réseau

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The Hémisphères network of cultural schools is a Culture pour tous initiative set up with the financial support of the Quebec government.